Monday, January 21, 2008

A Little Bit of Good News

I took a break from physical therapy for a few weeks to catch my breath after the holidays, and when I went back today I got a pleasant surprise. They discharged me! What it means is that my days won't be interrupted two or three times a week to trek to town for PT. It also means I can concentrate on the book work and getting some art done until the next round of PT starts.

I don't have any art to show you but thought you might like to see The Great Pumpkin in winter. That's what we call my horse, Scottie, because his burnt orange coat color is so much like a pumpkin. The first photo I took a week or so ago on a really gloomy day. I call it "Dinner Interrupted" because he looks unhappy to see me knowing I'm going to take him away from his hay. That's his good buddy, Mikey next to him. They're quite a pair.

I asked my riding buddy and fellow boarder, Ann, to take some photos of Scott and I in the indoor arena that same day, but the camera battery was getting very low, and they didn't turn out well. This shot is blurry but it will prove that I do ride my horse occasionally. Scottie hasn't been ridden much in the past year and is very out of shape, but I plan to change that this winter with more regular riding. He's not exactly as round and pumpkin-like as some Quarter Horses, but this shows his orange coat color better than the other photo.

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