Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The End of a Long Dry Spell

Last week marked the end of a long dry spell. I sold a small pastel, the first original that I've sold in quite a long time.

I also finished the last of the taxes and sent them off to the respective accountants; both ours and my mother's. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and slowly I'm working my way back into the studio which is cluttered with new art supplies. Finishing the taxes was the last of the really big obligations still hanging over me, and I'm renewing my resolve to devote time to painting every day or at least for so many hours per week. The schedule which works best is yet to be determined so things may be a little unsettled at first, but once I begin painting, it will be far easier to keep the momentum going.

I've decided to work on my Belgian team painting first in order to get a feel for handling the brush and paints again before moving over to The Peppermint Kid. After a day or so of painting, it will need to sit and dry anyway, so that will work out well.

Above is the small pastel that sold last week, "Bullet In Motion". It will be a gift so I can't tell any details, but I'm happy that it's found a good home. It's actually a mixed media on suede matboard. I used charcoal, conte crayon and pastel on this wonderful surface.

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