Saturday, March 29, 2008

"The Green Team" Revisited - Oil Painting in Progress

After what seemed like a million and one distractions this week, I finally made it into the studio and resumed work on this oil painting of two Belgian draft horses. The horse on the right had been a virtual ghost horse for the past two years while his companion had taken on life in full color. Painting that second horse really changed the look of the painting, and I'm pretty well pleased with the way it turned out. I especially love the wrinkles on his huge neck as he turns his head to look at the viewer.

My biggest fear all week was that I might have forgotten how to paint. Other than to glaze a layer of pink (yes Pink!) over this second horse last fall, I hadn't picked up a paint brush in over a year. Not to worry; it was as if I had been painting daily ever since. What a relief that was and what a joy to mush oils around on the palette and brush away with near abandon!

So, let's give a cheer for Brad (I've named him Brad because he's so handsome!) who has now joined the world of Living Color! And, let's give another cheer for me who has become unstuck from my funk of last year and has now joined the world of the Creatively Alive!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful painting! Love Belgians:)

Karen Thumm said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I will be starting back to work on this painting in the next few days.