Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poseidon's Gift; The Painting Continues

I spent much of yesterday revising and correcting the bay stallion but did manage to get some of the galleon painted before we lost power last night.

A huge limb the size of a medium tree broke off in our neighbor's yard, fell into the road and pulled the power lines down with it. The odd thing was that we lost only half of our power. The studio lights went out, but my easel light stayed on, so I quickly finished up, rinsed the brushes well and packed away the palette for the night.

Today I finished the galleon and painted the middle horse, a nice rose gray. After beginning the third horse, I decided that his head is too big so wiped off what I'd painted and will begin again.

Nothing is set in stone at this point. There are still corrections and enhancements to be made to all, but they will wait for the next layers to be added. So, pay no attention to that odd left foreleg on the bay. It will be fixed in due time.

I'm getting very anxious to paint the sky and sea. The more I get done of the horses the more I realize that the contrast of the horses to the blue-green sea is going to make for a stunning painting.

In fact, yesterday I was studying cloud formations while leaving the grocery store parking lot and almost ran into someone! Oh, Dear!

Clouds are infinitely fascinating and infinitely variable. Just like the sea.


Kpeters said... is coming together nicely. What and ambitious painting...and you are the one who can pull it off!!
Go girl!!!


Karen Thumm said...

Thank you, Kathi! I certainly challenged myself on this one!