Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Horse In Winter Study

One of my goals for this year is to devote far more time to working in the studio actually creating artwork. That will be a huge improvement over the past several years. To that end, I began a new painting yesterday using one of the photos I had taken on my photo shoot at the barn two weeks ago. For now, I’m simply calling it Horse In Winter Study #1. It will be done in oils on an 8x10 inch canvas board.

What you see is the drawing done directly on the canvas (with many corrections) in Burnt Umber. Often I tone a canvas before beginning, but since this is to be a winter scene, I decided to eliminate that step this time. The subject is my own horse, Scottie, whose warm orange coat will contrast nicely against the cool of the snow. I hope to also show how plush horses look in winter and indicate the long coat.

Here’s the reference photo. You can see that I eliminated some of the very busy background behind the horse in order to reveal his topline better and to see how he would look against a plain background. This was done in Photoshop. The photo was taken before I groomed him, and he looks kind of scruffy, but no worries. That can be changed with artistic license.

Today is devoted to watching the historic inauguration events going on in our Capital, but tomorrow it will be back to the daily routine, and that will now include generous amounts of creation time. With luck, I’ll have an update on this little painting tomorrow.

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