Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Rare Day of Sunshine

Most of this winter, this is what we've seen from our kitchen window; dreary, endless whiteness. You can see how deep the snow is on our deck railing and deck in what is turning out to be a good old-fashioned snow filled winter; just like we used to have 10-20 years ago.

Two weeks ago the sun came out for the first time in ages, and I grabbed my camera as I headed out the door for the barn, hoping for a good photo shoot. The horses were too busy eating or dozing to do anything interesting, but I did manage to get some artsy shots anyway.

This is the barn where I board my horse. It's a small private farm that only accepts a few specially selected boarders. The barn sits up on a hill in very hilly country. The driveway can sometimes be a challenge.

Through the big door on the right is the indoor arena, a spacious 72x120 feet. Through the large sliding door on the left are the stalls and roomy tack room.

Here's my horse, Scottie, looking very pudgy and fuzzy in his winter coat.

This is Mellissa, a Hanoverian mare who is something like 17 hands. I liked the backlight in this shot and definitely plan to do something with it; white horse against snow, backlit with maroon blanket. Hmm, could be interesting.

Here's Mel peeking over Jack's back. There are some interesting things going on here and definite possibilities for something more abstract. I'm calling this one "Incognito" for now.

Finally, this is the run in shed in the front paddock. I like the play of shadows across the snow and may do something with this image, too.

I'm definitely ready to start painting again now that the record management chores have been finished for the new year. In fact, as soon as I send this off, I'll be selecting and printing out a snow image to begin work on tomorrow. I can't wait!

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