Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going Blue With The Green Team

Yesterday was the official start of Spring, so what did we get during the night?! You guessed it; snow! The weather warmed up during the day, and by night fall the new snow is almost gone. There's still plenty of the old snow, but it's receding little by little. Alas, the crocus are still buried under piled up snow along the driveway. When they pop their heads up, we know that Spring is really here!

Today I worked on the Belgian painting again and got a little further on the trailer. Not much, but a little. It was fussy, time-consuming work to paint all those lines and try to blend them and keep them straight, and I'm glad that part is done with. It will need another layer of paint, but the next layer should be easier.

It's amazing what you DON'T see when you're working up close on a painting, as I was today. It wasn't obvious until I shot the photo that the rails on the trailer are off on the right side. I'll have to fix them on the next go round.

When I paint the rest of the trailer; which I hope to do tomorrow; it will make a big difference in how the painting looks.

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