Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Biggest Sale Ever!

SOLD! "Breezing By" 
I’m going to make this a quick one today since I’m working on taxes and hope to have them finished and off to the accountant by tomorrow. 

I had an unexpected surprise earlier this month with the sale of two of my artworks to a single collector in Oregon. This sale was particularly gratifying and surprising because I haven’t done much advertising or marketing for the past two years and haven’t been able to keep my website updated since getting a new computer and all new software last summer. Consequently, I haven’t sold much of anything in the past two years. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t been painting much. It is also the largest sale of artwork that I've had to date!

“Breezing By” and “Kentucky Dreamer” are the two that sold, and they are two of my favorites, so I’m happy that they have a new home in Oregon where they reside with artworks by other equine artists. It was also nice to have a litte conversation with the new collector since my experience in the past has been that  buyers sometimes don’t communicate with the artist at all except for the basics of “how much?” and “how do I pay you?”. 

SOLD! "Kentucky Dreamer"
We’ve been having unseasonably, record-breaking high temperatures here in northwest Michigan this past week, and my horse has been suffering because of temps in the 80's. He grew a very long, thick coat this winter in spite of being blanketed much of the time, so yesterday I took pity on him and clipped him. He got a high trace clip which should keep him from getting over heated while we wait for him to shed out. I also  clipped the long hairs along the jawline and shortened his mane by about 3-4 inches. I’m posting here the before and after photos I took yesterday. 

Scottie Before Clipping
Scottie After Clipping
He looks pretty scruffy at the moment because 1) I’m not skilled in clipping horses, 2) my clipper blades were getting dull and 3) Scottie ran out of patience for the whole procedure. I had intended to do just a gross job at first to be sure I got all the way around him and then go back and tidy up, but the blades and Scottie’s patience ran out before I had a chance to. So, I’ll finish up tomorrow or whenever I figure out how to change blades. 

The pot belly is partially because he still has some long hair on his belly. 

I took a few photos out in the pasture yesterday also and managed to get some shots of the mini who lives next door, so that was a real bonus of my trip to the barn. There's definitely a painting or two amongst them. 

And now, back to those pesky taxes. 


Linda Shantz said...

Congratulations, Karen! And I can relate to the fuzzy horses and warm weather! Even my youngsters are sweating just out in the paddocks!

Karen Thumm said...

Thanks, Linda!