Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling Full of Promise

Canada Geese family 

My daughter has just left for home, and the house is eerily quiet. Although I miss her already, I’m looking forward to plunging back into the routines of everyday life and accomplishing half done tasks that had been put aside.

A gentle rain is falling to water the lilac bush that we moved yesterday, looking very comfortable in its new spot. It’s no longer hiding behind the maple tree but now has its own spot to shine on its own. The small lilac that I feared was destroyed by the drunk driver who crashed through our yard four years ago has grown and is full of blooms this year; the first time ever. 

All the flower beds are full of promise, but I’m behind in getting to them this season due to Winter overstaying its welcome and another ailing pet that has taken a lot of my attention for over a week. 

Our little cat, Molly, quit eating and developed a high fever two weeks ago. She spent almost three days in the vet hospital and then had daily trips back for treatment of a raging bladder infection. Most troubling was the fact that she refused to eat almost anything for four days; a very serious matter for a cat. She became quite weak, and we feared the worst. 

However, at last she rallied and began eating and has been ravenous since. Slowly, she’s regaining her strength and returning to her old self. 

Meanwhile, there was a house to clean and food to prepare for the holiday weekend. The weather was sunny but on the chilly side; just right for my son’s running in the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City. Otherwise, we didn’t do much but spend quality time together - and move that lilac bush.  

On Sunday morning, a family of Canada geese floated into our beach; five little goslings with Mom and Dad herding them along. They stayed long enough for me to get some really good photos which I’m now looking forward to painting. 

Heading into the woods on an evening trail ride
Meanwhile at the barn, Scottie and I have gone on some trail rides with our friends, and Scottie has done very well. He seems to have gotten his energy back and is able to go farther and longer than last year. That is a very good sign; something I hadn’t thought possible a few months ago. I am overjoyed. 

Now that the hubbub has calmed down, it’s time to get back to all the unfinished projects including those unfinished paintings hanging on the studio wall. I’ve already committed to being in  a local art exhibit in June/July, so that gives me incentive to break out the paints once again. 

Let the Fun Begin!

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