Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Naptime"; A Plein Air Sketch of Two Horses

"Naptime" 6x7 inch pencil sketch

Spring has been very slow in coming to our area of the country, but now the grass is green, the trees are starting to leaf out, and daffodils and forsythia are in bloom. At the barn, the barn swallows are back and are busy making and tending to nests. 

The other day, Scottie had his third appointment with the equine dentist, and it was a relief to hear that he’s doing very well. The deep pocket that had possibly been the source of the infection has now closed completely and shows nice pink tissue. 

Scottie has to be sedated for the dental exam and procedures, so I had some time to kill after the vet left until he recovered enough to be turned out again. I took my little camp stool and a sketch pad out into the pasture and sketched Elmer and Millie as they dozed in the warm sun. They stayed still long enough for me to get the drawings pretty well done, and I cleaned them up a bit later in the evening. 

Not only has the weather held up any gardening, but a very sore shoulder delayed it for another week. Never the less, I did get out for a couple of hours and have so far made good progress. That is, when warm weather returns again. 

One of the tasks that I tackled while laid up with a bum shoulder was to finally get around to updating my website. I’ve added newer works and just generally made needed changes to many pages. It’s not quite done yet but getting there. This will do until I can completely redesign the website with a new look and different structure. Take a peek here; .

Today it’s blustery outside and a bit of snow is in the air. Who knew that there would be snow on Mother’s Day? 

Having gotten a number of more urgent tasks out of the way, I’m now looking forward to doing some artwork again this coming week.