Monday, July 22, 2013

Going With the Flow - New Oil Painting

"Flow" 9x12 inch oil painting on canvas board
I’ll make this short and sweet tonight. 

After a long absence from the studio I managed to fit in some time at the easel today on an oil painting I started back in April. 

It took a bit of creative deliberation to revisit my original intent with this painting and to decide what to do with the background. I briefly toyed with the idea of a snow scene but gave that up since I wanted to keep with an analogous color scheme where the horse and background would blend well. 

I also decided to switch gears on painting method and put down a gray value underpainting on top of the warm yellows. Today I did the background and will let that dry before proceeding to the horse. But, I kind of like it this way, too. The horse looks like he's made out of gold. 

Tomorrow, time permitting, I’ll do a background change on another  painting, and after that I have plans to do some pastel color studies to help with creating the coat on a lamb painting. I want to work lots of nice pastel colors into the wool. 

It’s been a long dry spell in the creative department, but I’m finally breaking free of all those chains that  have been holding me back. Let the creative juices Flow!