Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Twilight Reverie" Horse Painting - Part 2

oil painting on canvas, outlines painted

Another quick blog post for today. 

Yesterday, I finally put the first paint to canvas on the horse painting, “Twilight Reverie”, after tweaking the drawing some more. Fearing that the pencil lines would be obliterated by the solvent in the paints, I painted over all the lines on the canvas. Choosing a thinned down color that is close to that of the horse, I started out using a small round brush but quickly switched to a tiny flat. Either I just haven’t gotten the hang of using rounds or I don’t have any with good points. 

At any rate, the painted lines now give a hint of where I’m going with this painting and completely change the look of the canvas. After letting the paint dry thoroughly for a few days, I’ll lay in the first layer of color. Since time is short for getting this painting done, I’m choosing to bypass my usual grisaille underpainting and go directly to color. That shouldn’t be a problem if I stay alert and observant. 

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