Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Case of the What Ifs

The other day I got the bug to "do something" with my website. It started out innocently enough. I was just going to get rid of some broken links to a stats program I'd tried a few years ago and do a few other little maintenance things but then got a case of the What Ifs. That's always dangerous and sure to lead you astray from whatever urgent project is on the schedule for that day.

I've been wanting to redo my website for a long time but just couldn't spare the time to learn Deamweaver and do a proper job of it. I'm still stuck in the Dark Ages of website design, you see, with my wimpy little Home Page WYSIWYG program that only runs in OS 9, so my options are currently very limited, along with my knowledge of all the new cool stuff for making a website look sophisticated and professional.

At any rate, when the What If's struck I wondered What If I changed the table color to white instead of the teal green (that I love) in order to give the website a fresher, brighter look. So I did it. Hours and hours later, I had completely redesigned the Horse Paintings page and a couple of others and stumbled off to bed.

Of course, this morning the new design didn't look as hot as it had yesterday, and of course I couldn't leave it that way without trying out a few other What If ideas. So I did.

I think I'm happy with it now. For the time being. Until the What Ifs strike again. The main pages are done, and with the new design set, I can revise the rest of the pages one or two at a time. It's not fancy; it still looks kind of old fashioned by today's standards, but it will do until I can learn Dreamweaver.

Here is the Horse Paintings page newly spiffed up for the world to see. I hope.

Today's image is one I took at the Horse Shows By The Bay Dressage Show in Traverse City last summer. It's a definite future painting, and on a cold, blustery day in March, it reminds me of how hot and dusty it was that August day.

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